Hanover Private Office offers the best office partitioning solutions. We also offer an online service for calculating the overall cost of partitioning your space.

Our company provides professional, cost-effective, and high-quality partition installation services. We offer the latest partition systems to keep your office looking up to date. We offer glass office partitions across Sydney.

Simply contact us to get a free estimate and more information about transforming your workspace into a modern, unique space at a competitive price.

Why Use Our Service?

Considering the delicate nature of glass, it’s quite challenging to handle and fit it. Nevertheless, you can rely on our specialists to do all the risky work ourselves and ensure the entire job is completed to the highest standards.

Glass should be measured precisely. Thus, it’s advisable to rely on partition services from an expert. We can come to the site and take accurate measurements before manufacturing the glass partitions. Doing so will eliminate costly mistakes from your end. We will take responsibility for the entire project from start to finish.

Once you get our quote and give us the job, we’ll send one of our professionals for a site visit to take all the necessary measurements. Besides, we’ll assign your project to one of our professional project managers. Thus, you can rest assured that we will take care of the entire project.

We offer supply and installation services involving all types of office and glass partition systems. All partitioning systems at Hanover Private Office are fully interchangeable, customizable, and available in any color combinations.

All our products are tested for structural, acoustic, and fire performance. Moreover, we offer a wide range of partitions including economical options and top-end styles for minimalist aesthetics.

We’ve been offering glass partitioning services for decades. We offer competitive pricing for all types of glass partitions. Besides, we offer a professional and efficient supply and installation service.

We’re always striving to come up with novel ideas to assist our website visitors to obtain information quickly. Thus, we have a web-based quote system for instant details on our pricing.