Which Ones Are the Most Ideal Office Partitions For Your Company?

Every worker requires some privacy, especially when working in large offices. It’s possible to achieve privacy by using office partitions in Sydney.

There are many partitions to choose from today, with each option coming with its own share of benefits.

framed glass office partitions for Sydney CBD office

Here are some tips and practical information that will assist you to choose the best partitions for your office:


Although the traditional rectangular shape has not lost its appeal, you may consider more modern styles such as partitions with a curved or wavy top finishing.

Smooth partition curves make the office look sophisticated and elegant. They also make the office environment look more creative and feel more comfortable.

Some design options come with different types of panels. For instance, the lower pane may be opaque and solid whereas the top pane may be translucent. As such, you can get a partition design that is both functional and attractive.

Height Options

Some partitions are full-height such that they extend along the entire vertical space. These partitions are commonly known as floor to ceiling partitions.

They are ideal for creating private office spaces where managers can work individually such that they’re completely separated from other workers.

Another height option is half-height partitions. These partitions are extremely popular since they allow for privacy without making employees feel isolated from their colleagues.

The other height option is low dividers. These divers are mainly used for creating desk clusters. They are ideal for workplaces where employees need to talk to their colleagues frequently without having to walk around or stand.

Mobile vs. Stationary Partitions

You should consider whether you want mobile or stationary partitions. To start with, mobile partitions are ideal for smaller offices where employees often work as teams on a daily basis.

For instance, newspaper or design studios can benefit a lot from mobile partitions since they allow for flexibility between teamwork and individual work as needed.

On the other hand, stationary partitions are ideal for larger offices where every employee requires working in an individual workspace. As such, stationary partitions are ideal where teamwork is not a requirement in daily business operations.

Solid vs. Translucent Office Partitions

Solid partitions are the best option where privacy is a major necessity in the workplace. When choosing solid partitions, consider an option with a light color to keep the workspace bright. On the other hand, translucent partitions are ideal where a lot of privacy is not necessary. Although translucent partitions add some privacy, they still allow flashing lights and movements to be seen through them.

Finally but not least, ensure the office dividers you choose are reliable, solid, and durable. They should meet all the necessary safety requirements. Moreover, they should have a warranty.