Frameless Glass Partitions Sydney

Today, most businesses are investing in frameless glass partitions or screens. They’re interconnected during installation such that they create new spaces or walls in an existing office floor.

The design behind these partitions is a minimalist style, with minimal metalwork for a sleek and flush seamless look. These partitions allow for an uninterrupted and unobscured view. They also allow maximum light into the office.

frameless glass partition walls in a Sydney office

Frameless partitions allow for clean and quick installation, with minimal time taken at the installation site. They require minimal metalwork, thereby reducing waste and the overall cost of installation. Moreover, they reduce disruption in the office space.

Our office partitions Sydney workers specialize in supplying and installing glass partitions. They’re ideal for brightening the workspace by allowing light into the space. Consequently, you won’t have to over-rely on artificial lighting.

After all, natural light is known to enhance collaboration in the workspace through transparency. Existing research shows that natural light promotes the well-being of staff, thereby enhancing their productivity.

Another benefit that comes with partitioning an office space with glass screens is that they give the space a sleek and modern look. They give your clients the impression of being serious and committed to your work. These partitions can impress prospective clients and reflect a good image of your company.

We also offer crittall-style or banded glazed doors and walls with glass partitions. Besides, we can make frameless glass partitions that meet sound and safety standards depending on the specifications of your project. If you need a manifestation glass wall, we can do it for you.

Advantages of Glass Partitions

  • Make staff feel connected
  • Reconfigurable and re-locatable
  • Add value to any workplace
  • Allow natural light into the workplace
  • Retro-style banded doors and glazing
  • Add graphics and manifestations for company identity or creativity
  • Available in hinged and sliding door options
  • Fire and sound rated options are available

Soundproof Ratings

We offer frameless glass screens with properties that block noise. You can also order glass partitions with enhanced soundproofing ratings such as:

  • Doors- at most 33 decibels
  • Glazed partitions- at most 43 decibels

Fireproof Ratings

We offer frameless glass partitions for dividing an office. Our glass modules comply with the Australian standards. Once your BAL level is determined, we make our products to meet your requirements.

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