Office Fitouts Sydney

Sydney Office Fit-Outs & Refurbishments

You can improve the working environment of your office and increase staff morale and productivity by refurbishing your office.

We have the much-needed expertise and knowledge to deliver refurbishment projects and office fit-outs.

office fitouts in Sydney

These projects come with unique challenges. In most instances, these projects are done while the office is still occupied by staff. Moreover, the work covers multiple disciplines. It involves initial consultation, creating a plan, and scheduling for the work in such a way that minimizes disruption and inconvenience while doing the project.

Our contractors and suppliers are handpicked for quality. That way, we only use top-quality materials and work with professional contractors. You can rest assured of getting the best quality service.

We have all the much-needed expertise to handle all kinds of office refurbishments, including simple makeovers and full refurbishments. Besides, we’ll deliver your project on budget and on time.

Our Services

  1. Glass Office Partitioning

We create office partitions using a wide range of demountable or relocatable partition systems, suspended ceiling systems, and flooring partition systems such as flexible modular systems and raised access flooring.

  1. Specialized IT Services

We design and install IT systems including cable management and structured cabling.

  1. Electrical and Mechanical Services

Need the design of a full system and its installation or just an adaption of your existing system? We have all it takes to offer such services.

  1. Documentation

We provide maintenance and full operation manuals in either digital format or hard copy.

Our main is providing our clients with maximum space utilization. We improve your workspace to make it a better working environment for your staff and more inviting to your clients.

Benefits of Office Refurbishment

Changing your workplace for the better can improve several aspects of your employees’ working life. Thus, office refurbishment comes with multiple benefits for your staff, clients, and your business. Here’re the benefits of office refurbishment:

Enhanced employee productivity

A refurbished office offers an instant morale boost in the workplace. After all, everyone wishes to work from a functional office with a modern look and one that will make it easier for you to work more productively. This is possible with proper office refurbishment. It’s something we can do for you. Moreover, it’d be the right moment to upgrade office equipment or furniture. Thus, spare some time to go through our wide range of office furniture.

Improved efficiency

By investing in a new fit-out for your office, you’ll be able to rearrange the workspace into an efficient work environment. Group departments for unification and to enhance collaboration. Also, locate resources closer to team members. You can also take advantage of the refurbishment project to remove equipment that is no longer used and to streamline your processes and resources.

Complimenting your brand

Maybe you want your workplace to showcase your company brand or your business has just re-branded. We can assist you to integrate your brand colors into furniture, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, and wall coverings. That way, your office will have a feeling of your business brand.

Creating more space

You might hire additional staff to complement increasing workload and due to your busy schedule, you might forget about where they’ll work from. You can take advantage of an office refurbishment to reconfigure the desks or office layout. Maximize the available floor space by planning properly. We can assist by supplying working desks and creating a working environment that saves space while promoting efficiency.

Creating a positive company image

First impressions matter a lot in the ever-competitive business world. By refurbishing your office, your clients and prospective customers will notice your enthusiasm and drive towards making your office a better work environment. After all, your business will get boosted by showing your clients that you care about the kind of environment where your staff work from.

Creating new meeting spaces

Although meeting spaces may not be a necessity when starting your business, as it grows, you’ll find it necessary to create meeting rooms. Apart from office refurbishment, we also supply and install office partition systems. We’ve what it takes to create acoustically sound call pods and meeting rooms. Our partitions and pods are configurable and relocatable. Thus, they’re flexible enough to adapt to future changes that might come up in your office space.

Enhancing safety and health

You can enhance the safety and health of your office during its refurbishment. For instance, replace worn out furnishings and fix loose carpet tiling. Moreover, doing so will improve the feel and look of the office.

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