Wooden Framed Partitions Sydney

Wooden partitions are one of the best options for partitioning an office space. They add warmth to the working environment. They also make the office space look more natural.

You can use these partitions to create meeting spaces and boardrooms or even enhancing the reception area. Using wood partitions will give your staff and clients a feeling of being in a natural environment.

wood and glass framed partitions in Sydney

Our wooden partitions come in different types including solid wood, steel-framed wooden walls, and composite wood. Our composite wood partitions are made from the combination of MDF, timber, and veneer.

We also offer bespoke aluminium partition systems. These systems comprise of aluminium wrapped in timber. That way, they give the feeling and impression of wood, yet the main material behind them is aluminium.

Additionally, our solid wooden partition systems are bespoke. We make them according to your specific needs. Moreover, we make them from durable timber. We only source timber from sustainable and mature forests.

We can also configure the partitions with glass panes, wooden panes or solid plasterboard. Doing so adds privacy where needed. Also, our partition systems meet all fire and safety requirements as needed. Whether you need double or single glazed windows, or glass and timber door systems, we can deliver.

Composite wood partition systems come in timber such as Oak, Bubinga, Maple, American Walnut, Cheery, Ash, and Steamed Beech among others. They’re available in RAL colors such as 9010 white, 7046 grey, and 9005 black.

You can go for traditional style partitions that are demountable and re-locatable, featuring framed window openings. You can as well go for modern style partitions, featuring frameless double or single glazed windows. Regardless of the style you choose, we’ll deliver partitions that meet your needs such as sound and fireproofing.

Besides, our framed wood partitions are ideal for creating new spaces within the existing office floor. They’re installed quickly without causing a lot of disruption to the ongoing office activities. As a result, the new space will be ready for use within the shortest time possible.

Benefits of Using Framed Wood Partitions

  • Sound and fireproofing
  • They feel and look natural
  • You can paint them in a color that matches your company’s brand
  • They’re demountable and re-locatable
  • Available in double and single glazed systems

Our Soundproof Ratings

Our framed wood partitions block noise naturally. We can also provide partition systems with enhanced soundproofing. They come in the following sound ratings:

  • Glazed wood partitions- at most 40 dB
  • Solid wood partitions- at most 52 dB
  • Wooden doors- at most 30 dB

Our Fireproof Ratings

Our wood office partitions have some level of natural fire retardancy.We make our products designed to meet your safety needs and BAL rating requirements.

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